Tuesday, July 5, 2011

self esteem

salam alls

actually idk if this post really match the title

what ever..couldn't think of a better title right now

to be honest , i'm damn low right now

back then during high school my friend ask me " have u ever  feel very  low deeply in your heart that u feel like u wanna cry but u just couldn't"

at that time i can't really imagine how does that 'low' feeling really is

but right now i know..

can u imagine it?

as if u wanna isolate yourself from others surrounds u

or at least be invisible

well actually...you are feeling tiny and  invisible..

not literally tiny...

you know what i mean right?


see how syaitan play the game?

it may be seems as simple as depression...

but who knows where this depression lead us to?

maybe as severe as give up? (well at that moment.. I feel like almost give up..but no! i wouldn't!!!)

alhamdulillah , all praises to ALLAH

 my friend show me this ayah
"Then which of the Blessings of your Rabb will you both deny?" 

sounds familiar? yeah..it is actually from surrah ar- rahman..

when i think of it..i feel like more positive right now...

maybe what happen now is a wake up call, so that i don't drown any further in my very own world or so called as dream 

thanks ALLAH for this lesson..

i feel like so much better now..


Nasriq said...

kenapa? ada yang tak kena ke? exam tak ok? ala... jangan fikir sangat la...

plankton said...

uiks incik nasriq comment sepantas kilat..

hmmm tataw la kena ke tak kena..tapi rase la macam tak sedao hati nye..macam nak nanges..tapi mampu nangis gune smiley je la.. T_T

nak tepon mak..tapi kat mlysia da malam..:(..esk insyaALLAH..biaseny tepon mak ...tenang skit jiwa raga..

hmmm insyaALLAH tak fikir yg bkn2 da...skrg nak fkir positive je..

p/s:oopps tak prasan comment blh jadi sepanjang post..ahaha

Nasriq said...

Dah2... jangan nak fikir2 sangat... lepas isya' kang tdo jea la... tak payah nak fikir2 sangat...

plankton said...

hmmm ok la..nak stat study! pray for my successfulness for the next 8 paper...

along said...

xpe dek ah.dek ah jgn risau jgn sdh ek.insyaallah bolenye.dek ah kan da usaha insyaallah Allah akn tlg kiter.Allah kan maha pengasih lagi maha penyayang

plankton said...

^_^...thx along..i'm so so so so much better now!