Monday, August 9, 2010

cadbury share the joy

korang perasan tak baru2 ni cadbury ada buat contest..

Super addictive keyboard tapping game

game die lbh kurang cam guitar hero la
sangat syok!!!

agak mencabar coz setiap choc yg anda miss akan ditolak markah..

setakat neyh..higest point yang aku pernah aku dapat

lpe the exact mark
& ntok markah tuh..aku berada di rank 394

siot tol..brape la markah rank 1

tapi tak heran la...aku memang tak mahir maen gitar hero

so sape2 yang expert gitar hero
si 3 hero yang asik abeskan batt incik putih..he3

silakan mencuba..

ntok main game ni..tekan sini

this blog is currently available for public

::untuk kita2 aja~::

anda remaja??punya banyak kelapangan??punya connection internet??
personal lappy adalah optional

jadi anda layak ntok menjadi sebahagian dari kami..

bwahaha..intro yg agak TBB

acc aku nak ajak korang meriahkan lagi liga sembang2 Q&A

apekah itu??he3..
acc..YS ni macam social network (SN) yg lain jugak
dimana korang blh berinteraksi..cari kawan baru..tapi yang membezakan YS dengan SN yg len 
mcm FB,MS..TAGGED ialah
u guys can earn from them!!


prtsc from YS page.

Sunday, August 8, 2010


salam u ollz..

semalam macam biasa la ..rutin di rumah..of coz la kene tolong mak sapu sampah kan..tapi aku tulis post neyh bukan nak cite kat korang betapa rajinnya aku..tapi nak cite ape yg aku jumpe tyme kemas rumah semalam..apekah die??cube korang teka??mesti tak dapat kan??k la..biar aku la cakap..
aku jumpe..

a male oriental garden lizard~~
atau name melayunya
sesumpah jantan..
(binomial name: Calotes versicolor )

aku sangat excited dapat jumpe neyh sebab ni fes tyme aku tgk sesumpah

macam ni la sesumpah yang aku jumpe~

aku plan nak bela sesumpah ni..tpi sayang..adik2 aku tak berjaya tangkap sesumpah neyh~


cool info bout oriental garden lizard:
1)It is an insectivore
2) the male gets a bright red throat in the breeding season leading to a common incorrect name of "Bloodsucker"
3)Males become highly territorial during breeding season. They discourage intruding males by brightening their red heads and doing "push-ups". 
4)Each tries to attract a female by inflating his throat and drawing attention to his handsomely coloured head. 

point to pin:
semalam aku realize 2 benda:
1st, aku baru tau sesumpah jantan adalah makhluk yg agak comel
2nd,rumah aku agak exotic..see..smpai sesumpah pon ad~

Friday, August 6, 2010


caution: don't read this if u r a middle of something..cause this will waste your time..believe me..n u'll regret it!

it have been a week since my arrival. Malaysia was a lot of 15min walks to the campus.. no need to cook (which is i really bad in!)... no more gado2 sama pak cik arab~~teehee...

but once in a while,when i gather my thought.i realize..deep in my heart..i do miss egypt and how miserable my life   my personality is..when i was there..and most of all..i miss my hosmets...:D (uiitt korang pa crita?)

there's lots of planning I made for this holiday..ever since study leave hadn't start yet! but ..know what??i haven't done even a single of them..guess i wouldn't...i'm always like this..good at planning but never at accomplishing ..hu3..what?u think i'm proud of it??hell no!

i want to change..but i never put my full effort on it..or maybe..its wasn't really what i'm aiming for..(it refer to the changes..:D..i'm not good in words...please excuse me..)...i always hope that i'm a better person from who i am..before..but it turns out the other way around..

for examples i hope i could wake up a little bit earlier..but it ends up waking up then immediately dashing towards the water closet to wash up n perform my subuh gajah!!what ashamed!

i hope to be a man (or should i write woman) that stop blaming others..but each day i keep telling myself :
' wasn't your was because the alarm doesn't ring or the aircond is too comforting..if not..u would make it just on time!'
'plankton,because they do this & need to blame yourself'..n bla bla bla..

btw..what am i wanna talk about actually?guess it slip my mind,ha3...never have been months didn't write a really awkward to start it again..hmm...

1)my cousin's wed is quite superb..her husband is handsome (this is not my personal opinion but most of the guess said so) n i bet she spend a lot for that rent the hall..haired the caterer and even her wed dress cost rm4000 (i don't think i would do the same for an only-1-day-dress)...but it was her money after all.. n she got the right to do what ever she want with them
2)this 1 is the sad one..hu3..i'm too excited to join my batch's reunion.unfortunately..i can't..T_T..there's nothing more i could say~~
3) kuala berang have changes a lot nowadays.. even my villagers pon da makin b'tambah skrg..more houses..more school the girls here also da mkin maju..makin ramai yg free hair  (rmbut tech rebonding gituw~~) + pakai bju baby (for sure it wasn't rompers..ha3) + aktiviti dating besar - besaran~~he3...maybe coz slalu sgt nek escalator kat pasar kuala berang kot..(apa kaitannya??hihik)
4)i start to realize not all indon workers are bad..pekerja ladang klape sawit ayah aku agak jujur mungkin..n also...not all malay are good,some time they can be evil as much as how angel we think they are!never believe in people (like house said)
5)last nite missed house m.d. new season..can someone tell me when is the siaran ulangan??(obviously this is not an update)

guess i should stop now...da mula jdi mereng da neyh.,.post pon ntah pape da

p/s: this post a real junk..i admit..n there's lots of grammatical (  vocab too~ ) error in this post..i just too lazy to recheck it plus i don't know what i'm doing now..