Friday, July 1, 2011

pancakes for the heart

assalamualaikum all,
just a quick update, as all of you know (for those who knows)... i'm quite busy with imtihan this month and next month (correction last month and this month, i didn't realize how fast the time passed...its July already.. :) )..insyaALLAH i'll spend more time with books at this, blogging is not my priority for this time being (i guess they never was)...

ah..i'm running out of time..gotta cook for lunch..just wanna share this beautiful lectures with all of you out there... may me , myself ,you guys out there and I ( this redundancy is made by intention ^_^) could learn and may we become a better person, better muslim before HIS eyes insyaALLAH.. 

for those who already forgotten about me
 my name is solihah (a.k.a plankton^_^)

islam is my deen,
malaysia is my country,
ramly is my dad,
zarina is my mom.

i love you all
may this love remains..

peace be upon you readers
thanx for reading!


Fieq Eum said...

good entry :)

plankton said...

thx..all praises to ALLAH

btw..have u watch the lect?:)
its beautiful..

Nasriq said...