Thursday, March 4, 2010


It has been so long since my last post, I suddenly miss to left some footprint on my own blog.
I have to admit that my blog is quite slow , that is one of the reasons I set it private, so that no one will torture me on how slow my blog grows. But I can't help it since I am very lazy to update it (guess I need to find someone to help me with all these updates stuff ..hu3~~)
he3 how coward I am right? But it really doesn't matter cause I don't really take this blog as a blog, it is actually my memories archives~~
I'm an absent minded person (sometimes or maybe most of the times .. :D~~) ,the only way I can save the memories which I found should be 'memorable' is by leaving it here since I have no diary, moreover this blog help me to kept some photos since I can't save too much photos in my dearest lappy.

Ok , its enough with all bla..bla…bla.. (mumble as I always do~~).since I'm in the mood of writing (I guess so~~), let me just simply update~~

Briefly about what's going on jan and feb.
Jan and feb is 'quite busy' months ever .. as the exam is just around the corner (who teach you to study last minutes~~~ serve your right miss plankton).

Birthday updates:


5/1 my beloved dad (remember the most)

15/1 awanian buddy, amira (did leave a birthday note on facebook)

16/1 my sweet kak cah (sms only~)


5/2 dearest friend,bie(unfortunately we can't celebrate it since we have histo paper on the next day.)

15/2 iman

16/2 yatie

Few other friends that I attend their birthday party..kimah(they serve choc cake from delight +kfc + mee bandung +pudding roti+fruits) and iylia (serve ice cream cake[I like it so much] +cheese cupcakes + orange + mee kari [delicious!!])

During the exam:

1. As usual .. busy (not really.ha3)

2. Kak na have lost her dearest mom(al fatihah~).We got lots of visitors , our colleagues and seniors, to leave the condolence words at the same time lend us some strength to face this exam month and sharing some tips and stories.

After the exam month:

Holiday~~ of coz!!

  1. Window shopping at green plaza and zahran mall (immediately after the exam)
  2. Forum cintaku cintamu (don't take a wrong picture, it's a maulidur rasul forum..ok!)
  3. Sinai explorer trip (I'll update the picture later~)
  4. Cycling with una , sarah , su , amirah and amalina at mamoura (never know cycling is so much fun~~ pictures will be coming soon~~)
  5. Shift room..i'll having a roommate soon~~(given name suzilaton,just call her sue) :D~~

Ooops..guess I should be going now ,I have to pack my stuff and transfer it to sue's room.da~~~salam.