Sunday, March 14, 2010

: Raisins~~:


Raisins never a strange snack for krusty krabians, Instead, it was our routine snack.

if u guys have a chance to visit KK u'll see raisins almost everywhere in this house, of cause toilet is exception la~

who ever know how they look, but very little know how they benefits us~
Sweet and sludgy, squishy yet yummy, raisins are the unannounced heroes of healthy eating…

It's a top antioxidant!

This means that it'll help you keep your blood clean by getting rid of impurities. It'll also work against aging!

No wonder we look so... young! wahahah~~


awet muda..:P~
It's a great source of energy!

It is almost 70 percent pure fructose. This makes it easily absorbed by the body. It is also high in calories for that burst of energy but it has virtually no fat content!

These kinds of food also provide high calories...but also high fat too~~
It is high in fibre!

So this means it'll make a good snack because it'll fill you up and satisfy your sugar cravings. Plus it'll keep your digestive system in tip-top shape.


Opt fruit which high fibre content
It's good for your bones!

Raisins are high in calcium so it'll help you build and maintain strong bones. This will lower your risk of osteoporosis in the later years.

But it never means that u can skip your daily milk intake. Or u may develop lactase incompetence


P/s: nowadays, krusty krabians have adopt a new habit, we are transforming ourselves into an olive eater ...
maybe next post I should share with you on how olive benefits us. Till then...da~~

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