Monday, March 8, 2010

::loss weight~~::

Just now I had done some blog walking activity and I got this info from one of the blog * can't remember which blog*.it's about how to become slim and slender like a stewardess. As we know personality is one of the important aspect to become a stewardess , a proper diet is a must… one of the diet regiment is like this one that I attach here~~

The Stewardess Diet
The Stewardess Diet is a diet supposedly made popular by flight attendants. The plan works by combining certain foods which create a chemical reaction that boosts the metabolism and helps you lose weight.

  1. Eat half of a grapefruit with every meal. Grapefruit is high in fiber and will help you feel full longer.
  2. Strictly follow the Stewardess Diet plan. Many people do not eat all of the foods that they are supposed to eat or they do not eat the right amount.
  3. Do not add any sweeteners or consume presweetened products. It is likely that you will lose a lot more weight when you opt for unsweetened varieties and do not add creamer or sugar.
  4. Opt for fresh vegetables.
  5. Know what foods you cannot eat while on the Stewardess Diet. Some of these foods include rice, noodles, potatoes, corn, carrots, peas, potato chips, fruit and salad dressing. If you eat any of the foods which you are not allowed to have, it will prevent you from losing the maximum amount of weight that you could possibly lose.
  6. Drink at least eight 8-oz. glasses of water daily. You are allowed to have other drinks, such as tea or coffee, while you are on this diet. However, it is best to limit your intake of all fluids except for water.

Refer to number 5, no rice , noodles ,potatoes..blaa..blaa… hiush, did u lose your mind?? Totally expel those things from my meal.. I repeat, totally was a big NO-NO for me. seriously, perot melayu kot saye neyh.. makan la 10 kilo kebab,12 kilo steak atau yang sama waktu selagi blom dapat nasi confirm tak kenyang..hu3~~. I think I rather become not very slim and slender :P~~


Maki0 HypeS said...

nasi la yg pling mngeyangkan kn..
mknan ruji kte..nk wt cmne..
tp lau da mmg kuat mkn nk cmne..ha3

a.k.u said...

he3~~ptot la x ditkdrkn jd stwrdess..kui3(sbb mmg xlayak~~)

gargil said...

hohoho.ini bkn slim.ini keding nanti.wahaha

a.k.u said...

ho3~taw x pe..ptot la stwrdess mas kurus2