Thursday, January 20, 2011

:: Why don’t you cover up?::

Why don’t you cover up?
Oh women, you who believes
Though had comes to you the words of truth
Love letter from your GOD
HE whom most beneficent and merciful
Brought to you by your Rasul p.b.u.h
A man full of honesty
To lead you to the road of Jannah

Why don’t you cover up?
Oh girls, you who believes
Can’t you see the proves that HE brings upon your eyes
This beautiful world that rotating under your feet
And all its secret
That one by one revealed to you
For you to take ibrah from them

Why don’t you cover up?
Oh muslimah, you who believe
Don’t you know…
Everything ALLAH s.w.t made valuable in this world
Is covered up and hard to get to

Let’s come to think
Women who believe

Where do you find diamonds?
Deep down the ground, covered and protected
Where do you find pearls?
Deep down at the bottom of the blue ocean
Covered up and protected in a beautiful hard shell

Oh girls, you who believe, don’t you know?

You body is sacred.
You’re far more precious than those diamonds and pearls.

So, don’t you think you should be cover up too?

Ok done!
Salam ollz.. sangat tak sangka selesai sudah not-so-called poem IP karangkan ni…kui3…ingat nak buat ringkas 2-3 patah je..sekali terpanjang sampai melalut cerita pasal durian pon masuk same…tapi da selamat di edit semula & dipotong da la part durian segala bagai…ha3..mesti korang tertanya-tanya tu pon klo ade orang bace la…ha3 nape tetibe ter-semangat pulak la IP ber-poem2 di musim exam cam gini?kan..kan.. ok fine…xde orang jawab..he3 …semuanya kerana tetiba terasa best selepas terbaca poem ini>>>

Poem by Sira-Tal Mustaqm

I am proud to be a Muslim woman indeed
I am proud to be wearing the shield of my Deen
I am proud to be standing tall in the formations
I am proud to be the role model of generations
I am proud to be a Muslim woman!

I am proud to be the mother who rocks the cradle
I am proud to be the sister who carries the ladle
I am proud to be the teacher who inspires
I am proud to be the wife who perspires
I am proud to be the care-giver night and day
I am proud to be the exemplar of Allahs way
I am proud to be a Muslim woman!

Life has taught me under the shade of the One
Flowing in the stream of repentance
In thanksgiving rising with the sun
Bearing lifes brunt with patience
Forever trusting in the Lord Almighty
So resilient and sound in sincerity
I am proud to be a Muslim woman!

For the love of Allah and His messenger
I will proudly carry the torch of my Deen
I will lead the Ummah on the righteous path
I will share with mankind all the love
I will follow the foot-steps of Aishah (RA)
I will praise the Lord above
I am proud to be a Muslim woman!

He3…memang poem ni best pon… bukan karangan IP.. harap maklum..teehee~~~ tp seriously la… IP pon proud jadi muslim woman..sebab tu nak ajak korang same2 proud jadi muslim woman…so, step fes nak tunjuk kita kaw2 tim punye proud ialah dengan memakai hijab...bukan simply pakai skaf tutup rambut,tamao tamao camtu dengan nada ngengada..teehee~~ tapi memakai hijab dengan sempurna…J…so…tunggu ape lagi…jom tutup aurat!!!


Nasriq said...

betul al...penat menulis tapi tak ada respon...

plankton said...

ahaha..not that penat actually...tak banyak pon kalori terbakar..^_^

Nasriq said...

:) betul jugak tu...

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ken said...

im covered up with my clothes :)

plankton said...

ahaaha..coz u r precious too..:)