Wednesday, January 5, 2011

::vid i love to watch ::

salam ollz..Just a simple update cause I really on my limit right now...exams...etc...Got no time to update...really...but...guess i just LOVE to write something on this wall [even knowing the fact no 1 would ever read this...whatever~]

Wanna share with u guys some site/vlog/show/vid (or whatever u calls them) that I found worth to watch...

Cause whenever u watch them...there's always something u can learn...and u'll never boring watch, y don't u have a peek... :) 

3) eddie [the deen show]

and many more ..  but for this post.. three is more than enough i guess..

 hari ni burfday ayah plankton...happy birthday ayoh..All thanks to ALLAH he grant me the best dad I had ever known...good advisor, good listener, best motivator and never pressuring us too simply everything… love you so much dad...<3..<3..<3.. Of coz u and me know, my love to u can never be translate to words's our non verbal world's beauty..:)


A.I said...

hepi besday to ayah plankton=)

plankton said... ayh plankton x bace pon blog ni..:)

Syafiq Muzakhir B Md Yusof said...

Saya: selamat hari jadi pak cik, semoga panjang umur dan murah rezeki..

Uncle Ramly : terime kasih