Thursday, August 25, 2011

perfect parent

salam all,
wah~~~ it have been about 1 month since my last post, and to be honest i've always being longing to write something on this blog though i know, none of them could benefit others ( neither do i), i just feel like writing coz i love to..^^, but i've made a promise to myself to never update the blog nor fb status till i receive my final exam results, why do i decide to do so?? well.. nothing worth mentioning ( obviously i fail to fulfill this!)

ok IP, straight to the point!!!first of all,what makes me too eager to write and share my oppinion with you guys today ??

just now , i just have a very nice & long & sweet conversation with my parents ( of coz on the phone.. told ya i'm gonna stay here this year ) makes me feel so happy & gay & somewhat lucky ! it  reminds me of few talks that i have with my girl friends

actually being a 20+ yo girl ( gonna turn into 21 yo woman this the date guys!;P) it was way too normal to have talks about guys and parenting every now and then...just a simple talks on how to be a perfect wife and parent...and of coz i'm waaayy to far from the "perfect parent" criteria

however,after i think about it all over again and especially after having good chatting time with my parents,i realize that,there's no such thing as perfect parents in this world,in fact It’s part of the human condition to be imperfect

there's parents who born mute-deaf
there's parents who too loud
there's parents who love to spends
there's parents who spend a little too wisely

and most of the time, when there's nothing wrong about the parents,still the childs feels that they want a better parent...(which is actually the child's issue isn't it?)

but  regardless how imperfectly perfect  parents was,they always love perfectly <3 <3

even though they never say so, their action never fail to deliver messages of love...what's matter here is whether the childs realize it or not

as for me... i realize every single bits of it..

and of coz i love both of them too ^^ ..

last but not least, " sayangi ibubapa anda"^^


Tukang Karut said...

terubat ke rindu bercakap di telefon je? huhu...

plankton said...

erm blh syarat^^

along said...

x sempat nk ckp ngn dek ah aritu

plankton said...

huhu..tu la psal...the next call pon xsmpt ckp ngn along...hbs kredit