Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I absolutely love alex : it is the perfect place for me to achieve my dream and it truly is a home away from home(u guys know it wasn't 100%-ly true,rite..he3). However, no matter how amazing a time you are having, there will be a day when you miss home. I thought I would put some tips together for if you feel homesick, like I did last Wednesday.



1.Someone actually told me this so I can't take the credit - If you're homesick, don't get on facebook! Seeing your old friends, family will make you miss them more! Instead find something to do with your new friends to keep you occupied.


2.Skype! It's such a great invention because you can see the person face to face… so much better than a cell phone!but sometimes its depends on ur bandwith..he3


3.Write a quick "thank you" to the people you miss. It's such a nice gesture, plus, who doesn't love a little encouragement!

4.Stay in contact with your old friends and family, but don't allow it to bind you, otherwise, you will not be able to really become a part of your university.


I never realized how much my sweet parents did for me until I had to live on my own. So thanks Mom and Dad for all you do! It was so awesome to see my sisters, brothers and friends. You guys are such a blessing!



sEmuT ITaM said...

kalo arr ditakdirkan..
soleh trus menetap kat alex..
cam ne yerk

a.k.u said...

wahaha xkn kot..mara tanggung 6 thn jew~~

maki0 D'great said...

sedey la plak bce..

a.k.u said...

wahaha..ap yg sdh nye?