Monday, October 26, 2009


Everyone knows what it's like to be stuck in a boring class and sometimes we run out of things to do. Since sleeping in class is always frowned upon, here are seven of my helpful boredom resolving techniques.

7. Play games on your phone or ipod. Using electronics in class can be tricky because most teachers and professors do not allow them so, you have to be sneaky - I like the "under the desk" trick.

6. Make a list. Shopping list, to do list, whatever it is a handy dandy list is always beneficial and you never take the time to write one otherwise.

5. Make a rap. Write down a rap or poem or song lyric and then recite it to your friends later.

Sitting in Chem, while the clock says ten
I'm bored out my mind, so I'm writing this rhyme
I don't know what to say, but it's a beautiful day...

4. Write a letter to a friend. Despite the ease of email, people love receiving real mail from friends. I get so excited when someone writes me a letter and wouldn't it be great to create the same happiness for someone else.

3. Cosmetic time! What a perfect time to fix your nails! Bring a nail file to give yourself a great manicure for FREE.

2. Tell the future. This might take prior research if you are not familiar with origami, but making a paper fortune teller is pretty easy. They're fun because you write down the fortunes..maybe,after class you can talk to a cute guy and use the fortune teller to break the ice.nges3~:P

1. Show your artistic side.Make a drawing of something you see out of the window or even in your class setting. If you keep a sketch book of all your drawings then it makes for great memorabilia at the end of the year.

p/s:I hope these ideas help you the next time you are going stir-crazy in class! 1 thing u must remember... focus during class is highly recommended,wasting your money,time and energy je la p lecture tp memaen.. but sometimes memaen ape salahnye..heheh


maki0 D'great said...

yeah..tol 2..
hm,sume 2 ase cm pnah wat jew..hahahaha

a.k.u said...

he3...per biase kot...nges3