Sunday, October 25, 2009

::the art of happiness::

Do Compliment

If your friend did something really cool and creative (like write a poem), compliment her on her handiwork. She won't be able to wipe the smile off her face!

Do Share

Offer your pal M&Ms when she's feeling blue. If she's unwell, give her a warm cup of tea (or something soothing) to make her feel better. Sometimes, all she needs is an ear to listen. She'll never forget this act of kindness.

Do treat

for once in a while why not take ur BFF to the nearest fast food outlets for lunch or even to the 'misr sweets' for a bite of ice cream.not to mention, fixing her breakfast with sweet , thick and creamy hot choc.she'll appreciate it so much.

Do Leave Notes

If you've been busy and you haven't seen your BFF in a while, write her a little note telling her how much you miss her. Leave it on her desk or in her locker/mailbox. Nothing beats the feeling of knowing someone (like you) is thinking about her.

p/s : hope this tips can makes u a delightful companion..:P~

*vid xde ak ske lagu neyh..heheh