Thursday, January 7, 2010


i love to eat..
eat eat and eat..

that's why i love birthday so much~~
and here are some pic of the cake we eat just now
btw,today suppose to be mrs puff burfday surprise remake
as the surprise we plan last sunday
is not that surprising..
she already know la
i can tell it by looking at how she react that day
1st plan=mission failed

and here is our plan B
homemade cake

who bake it?
of coz-la..neither me..
nor the burfday girl

the sweet ustazah sumayyah
bake it
accompanied by other krusty krabian
patrick,squidward and sandy
me and mrs puff just do nothing
but sleep..
sorry guys

aaaahhh, i do remember somthing..
i did help them
to finish up the cake (*.#)~~
coz i eat the most tonite..wahaha
and sandy said"so scary"
i know it..
but i just can't stop eating
like i'm starving for cake since the last decade
in spite of the fact that i just ate it last sunday
but i cant denied 'the cake is really go0d ok!'
no doubt.=D~

ok~~its enough ms plankton,
can u please stop mumbling!!

fine~~here come the pictures~~

p/s: i guess i miss gary already..hope ur mom well so0n~~


along said...

alaaaa... cian my baby tomeiiii... nnt da blk m'sia kite mkn kek same2 ek... miz u dear......

a.k.u said...


beres~~mkn ramai2 kn..bes3~~

Maki0 HypeS said...

besar yer..abis ke nie..

a.k.u said...

klo slhah ada..confirm la abes~~

Maki0 HypeS said...

patot tembam je yg mkn..ha44

a.k.u said...

heh~~rezeki da ada..tak baek tolak~