Sunday, November 29, 2009


i'm not okay
even if i say so
i know that i'm not

i'm not normal
even if u see me so
i just pretend to be one

i'm complex
yeah u and me know that
i'm an unsolved rubic cubic

what i want?
what i aim for?
where's my path heading for

arrggghhhhhhh..still x give up..
try..try..and try..
keep trying..
understanding myself seems to be..

yeah .. maybe idleness will lead me to the light


and for this time being
don't wait for me
live ur normal life
the life before u getting to know me..


Dozen said...

Msih mncari2 diri sndiri? Hehe = )

a.k.u said...

yup..pencarian yang jauh..dan tak pasti

Maki0 HypeS said...

dalam mkna 2..